Microsoft Gets Decked out for the Holidays

Microsoft Building with Christmas TreeHave you ever wondered where Streets & Trips was developed? I captured this photo on my way out the door today. Thought I would post it and wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Holiday Trimmings at Microsoft

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11 Responses to Microsoft Gets Decked out for the Holidays

  1. mypointsales says:

    Thanks Larry! Merry Christmas to all!

  2. tbernardi says:

    Is one of those wrapped presents under the tree my copy of 2012 Streets and Trips?

    Tom Bernardi

  3. Anne says:

    How come the decorations on my tree don’t look so perfect??!??

  4. I and almost one hundred of my people use this program. But you are taking to long to come out with the new versions…..2011 is already out of date and it didn’t even come out til April of 2011. You used to have the next years program ready by Nov of previous year now we are losing an additional 6 months. Can you have the new versions available by the end of the year in the future or should we go to Dolrean or another program that puts the customers needs 1st.

  5. I need a copy of 2012 version w/ GPS and an update ASAP

  6. .Are you saying that the current version will do up dates to my computor inserting new hwys and route changes or do we wait for the new program? That feature would be nice. We are required to have the latest information regarding routes throughout North America. I’ve also noticed that the info regarding motels service stations and restaurants are way out of date. Truck stops would be nice to add also (Petro, Flying J, Pilot, TA, Sapp Bros etc) What is the latest version of 2011 and How do I differentiate it from previous additions?

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