POI Megafile: Truck Stop Guide for ST

This collection is new for April so you do not want to hit the road without the April 2011 version of the POI Megafile for Streets & Trips 2011. It is free and can be downloaded here.

Truck Stop Guide for S&T

This collection contains over 2000 independant US truck stops from coast to coast.  Each location contains the following helpful bits of information:

  • Latitude and Longitude coordinates
  • Name of the Truck Stop
  • City and State, zip
  • Highway and Exit number
  • ammenities such as scales, large or small repairs, and size of parking lot
  • The * at the end just means location have been verified either personally or via Google Earth.

Truck Stop Guide Balloons

Mike is the author of this collection and tells me he’s working on adding phone numbers for a future update.  He would love to hear from anybody who is using the file to encourage him and/or to give him updates, additions or corrections.  His contact email is in each POI balloon.

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2 Responses to POI Megafile: Truck Stop Guide for ST

  1. James Garner says:

    Am trying to import only certain pushpin images into my preexisting map file. I want them for dedicated trucking route I’m on. The problem is that I cant LOCATE the file that the pushpin images are stored in. I’ve got the POI mega file and can open it up and manipulate the custom pushpins in that file but can’t find the file to import them into any other Streets and Trips map file.

  2. Hi James

    If you copy and paste a pushpin set from one map to another – the custom icon comes along with it. Then, if you delete the pushpin set – the custom icon stays behind.

    Does that help you? Let me know if you need more detail.

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