Free Pushpin Images download for use in S&T and MP

How to download Pushpin images:

  1. Click the Download button on the download page [link]
  2. Choose Save (not Run) in the File Download dialog
  3. Save the file to your desktop or other known location
  4. Double-click Images.exe

A pushpin images folder will be created in the same directory as the Images.exe.

How to Import Custom Pushpin Image using Streets & Trips or MapPoint:

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click the arrow next to the Pushpin icon.
  2. Click Import custom symbol…
  3. In the Look in box, type or navigate to the pushpin images directory
  4. Click the file name of the custom symbol, and then click Open

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4 Responses to Free Pushpin Images download for use in S&T and MP

  1. crazyst says:

    All the pushpins are not there. The FLAGS are missing which of course I use.Any chance they could be included?Curt

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