What is the Max Number of Waypoints for a Route?

Someone was asking about creating multiple waypoints in Streets & Trips / MapPoint and wanted to know what the maximum possible number of waypoint one could have for a route.

Good question.   I wrote a script to create a humongous route to see if I could find out.PizzaRouteStressCase2

After testing this for some time I believe the answer is this:

  • There is no hard-coded limit.  We never show a message box saying "Unable to add waypoint.  You have exceeded the max. number of stops".
  • As you add more waypoints to a route getting directions can become very resource intensive.  To optimize your stops can take even longer.
  • I created a route with about 65,000+ stops and it worked but I had to leave it running overnight before the route appeared!! :-)

The resulting test file was very difficult to work with.  Even scrolling through the route planner plan brought my machine to its knees. So, yes it may be POSSIBLE to create a route that includes every city east of the Mississippi I wouldn’t recommend it (but it was fun trying it out).

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3 Responses to What is the Max Number of Waypoints for a Route?

  1. Marvin says:

    Your screenshot illustrates that some users may wish for a new feature to hide the yellow stop icons. Quite often people use ‘Stops’ not as actual places they wish to visit, but only as a way to modify the route ;)

  2. Streets says:

    Hi Marvin,
    Yeah, that is a good request.  I’ve got other beefs with using stops as a way to modify the route.  My favorite method is using avoid areas. 

  3. Matthew says:

    The zip code shown in the picture, 61873, is my parent’s zip code, lol!  A lot of small towns in that zip, really quite random.@Matthew

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