Pharos (makers of the S&T GPS) to get 3 awards at CES

Pharos has been the GPS supplier for S&T for several years. The iGPS-500 is a huge improvement over the iGPS-360.  Consumer Electronics Association will be recognizing the greatness of the new puck with three Design and Engineering Innovations Awards for the upcoming CES 2007 in January. In addition to the CES 2007 Innovation Awards the Pharos iGPS receiver design obtained two US patents.

Remember: although the old pucks work with S&T 2007 – the new pucks have enough improvements that you’ll want to pick up the version with the new iGPS-500.

(1) iGPS-500 (used in Streets & Trips 2007) in Mobile Electronics

(2) iGPS-500 (used in Streets & Trips 2007) in Wireless Peripherals

(3) Traveler GPS Phone 600 (with Ostia Smart Navigator) in Wireless Communications

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6 Responses to Pharos (makers of the S&T GPS) to get 3 awards at CES

  1. Sean says:

    Does anyone know if Pharos has signed & supported drivers for Vista x64?  I have downloaded them from Pharos’s website, but Vista rejects the driver stating it is unsigned and cannot be used.
    Any help is appreciated!

  2. Streets says:

    Hi SeanApologies for the delayed response – we’ve been heads down on the new release.  Pharos Vista x64 signed drivers are in the works.  They will be published on Windows Update when they are released.  In the meantime you might turn off the enforced driver signature checking via the boot menu (press <F8> for advanced boot options). Doing this lets Vista allow you to load the unsigned driver for your device. Hope that helps.  thanks for checking out the blog!

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